Maybelline Baby Lips Dr.Rescue “Soothing Sorbet”

I found a new lip addiction for the new year, Maybelline’s Baby Lips Dr.Rescue!




I was on holiday break visiting family, and all I brought with me were lip butters and lip crayons. Which I have been totally into, except it was so cold and dry where we were that my lips were looking…well not luscious thats for sure. I needed something medicated to get them back to normal, but medicated chapstick is gross.

So on a whim I grabbed the new (at least to our area!) medicated Baby Lips, the “Dr. Rescue”. And I LOVE it! It was exactly what I needed for this time of year, medicated yes, makes lips softer and smoother yes, but also still pretty! I know in the tube it looks like a pretty bright pink, but it goes on a nice sheer and subtle color:




I personally am a fan of the Baby Lips line, and especially love how inexpensive they are as I tend to lose lip products. (It is possible that I dropped and accidentally ran over a previous tube of the peach Baby Lips and had to buy a replacement. So yeah, cheap is good ;) )


Have a beautiful day! :)


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  1. I must confess that I wasn’t a fan of Baby Lips, they just didn’t do anything for me, but I have read very good reviews of this treatment range, so I will definitely give them another go :o ). Xx

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    • Jasmine says:

      I onlyuse one of the regular Baby Lips (although I don’t care for the other colors I truly do like and use the peach one!) but I hope you like the Dr Rescue better! :)

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